WINBACK Therapy enhances your treatments by providing a unique combination of high frequency energy and expert manual techniques. You will notice immediate and lasting results from your very first session.

At Spine Care, our goal is to provide solutions that help patients recover from injuries faster and get back to an active lifestyle pain free. WINBACK Therapy will help maximize sport performance, health & athletic longevity.

WINBACK Therapy has Numerous therapeutic applications and is indicated to treat many difficult to heal pathologies:

 • Muscle injuries
 • Ligament injuries
 • Muscle tears
 • Sprains
 • Fractures
 • Acute post-traumatic stress
 • Muscles spasms and edema
 • Chronic post-traumatic stress
 • Lower back

This new technology delivers high frequency current through OUR HANDS. Helping to stimulate tissue repair and pain relief. 

To learn more, and to find out if this procedure might be right for you, contact us today.

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