What Time of Day Should You Exercise to Encourage Weight Loss?

Talk to your chiropractor about when you should exercise.

A chiropractor can help you choose the best time of day for exercise.

A proper diet and exercise are among the best ways to lose weight; however, did you know that when you exercise can play a dramatic role in the amount of weight loss you achieve? Seeing a White Plains chiropractor for treatment can provide you with a list of exercises designed to help you burn calories and lose weight. Because most people have limited time in which to exercise, it’s important to know how to make the most of it. Experts recommend working out in the morning to maximize your results.

Your chiropractic treatment can help determine the best time to exercise.

Chiropractic treatment can help you better plan your exercise.

Changes the Fuel

Most people are aware that exercise burns calories, helping you lose weight without drastically reducing the amount of food you eat. However, if you exercise first thing in the morning, before you eat breakfast, your body will look for other sources of fuel to burn. Instead of relying on the calories you took in when you ate, your body will begin burning fat stores, helping you lose more than just the weight; you are also more likely to experience a size change by dropping inches.

Give Your Metabolism a Boost

Nature has a specific way in which it was intended to work. Partially due to advances in technology and other elements, such as electricity, the human body often becomes misaligned with what nature had intended. When you set your alarm and get up with the sun every morning, you will realign your body’s internal clock with nature, which can result in a boost in your metabolism, helping you burn calories more quickly and efficiently.

Learn how chiropractic treatment helps you lose weight.

Chiropractic treatment can help you lose weight.

Reduces the Need for Food

It was once thought exercise first thing in the morning would make you feel hungrier throughout the day, increasing the amount of food you eat. However, more recent studies have indicated the opposite is actually true. Early morning exercise can increase your metabolism and curb your appetite, allowing you to more easily regulate the calories you take in.

Exercise, as well as keeping your body limber and aligned by using chiropractic treatment in Westchester County, can be a great way to help you lose weight if you do it correctly. This includes working out at the right time of day. While many people try to cram their exercise session in at lunch time or in the evening, the morning is actually the best time to exercise. When you set aside time each day to get some exercise, you will be amazed at the results.

If you’re looking for a White Plains chiropractor to help with your exercise regimen, contact us. Spine Care can help you find ways to exercise and lose the extra pounds so you look better and feel healthier.