What Causes the Popping Sound During a Spinal Adjustment?

Fight back pain with chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustments can prevent back pain.

The idea of getting a chiropractic adjustment can be frightening for some people. After all, the popping sound they hear may cause anxiety and cause the patient to worry over the condition of their spine or neck. However, once you realize the source of the pop and how this noise can have a positive impact on your back pain or leg pain, you will understand the value of seeing your chiropractor for a spinal adjustment.

A chiropractic adjustment can also help with leg pain.

Eliminate your leg pain with a spine adjustment.

It Has a Name

Most people don’t realize the popping sound you hear during your spinal adjustment actually has a name. It is called cavitation and is caused by the same action as cracking your knuckles, an action most people have performed at least once in their lifetime, even if it was by accident. It has also been likened to the sound of opening a beverage can. Many people don’t make this interesting connection, but once they do, they feel more at ease when getting a spinal adjustment from their chiropractor.

How It Happens

Once you understand the source of the popping sound and feel better about getting this treatment to alleviate your back or leg pain, you may want to know exactly how it happens. The joints in your body, including the ones in your spine, are filled with liquid infused with gases. These liquids cushion the joints and provide the nutrients they need to stay healthy. When your chiropractor performs an adjustment, the space between the discs increases, which results in the popping noise. Contrary to what some people think, the popping has little to do with the bones themselves.

Talk to your chiropractor about spinal adjustments.

A chiropractor may recommend spinal adjustment for several issues.

Not All Adjustments Pop

When you suffer from leg pain or back pain and seek chiropractic care, you shouldn’t always expect to hear a popping noise. This is because not all adjustments will create the ideal conditions. Certain techniques use other methods of realigning the spine that don’t use enough force to create the popping. Therefore, it’s important to understand a lack of popping doesn’t indicate a failed treatment.

Getting a spinal adjustment can be the ideal method of eliminating your back pain or leg pain. When you see the chiropractor, they will create a treatment plan designed with your needs in mind. Whether that course of treatment causes a popping noise or not, you will experience relief, especially after several adjustments.

If you are interested in trying a spinal adjustment, contact us. The Spine Care team will help you eliminate your leg or back pain for a healthier lifestyle.