Tips for Pain-Free Holiday Traveling

Your chiropractor can help you avoid pain on your trip.

See your chiropractor before you travel.

If you have back pain, leg pain or neck pain, the thought of doing any traveling this holiday season can be discouraging. Sitting on buses, planes, trains and even in cars for an extended time is uncomfortable. It only intensifies the pain. If you are able to travel and stay pain-free, you have a better chance of enjoying your holiday. The following few tips may help reduce back pain and discomfort while you travel.

Don't let leg pain cause problems on your vacation.

Leg pain can put a damper on your travels.

Before You leave

Prepare yourself for travel ahead of time by setting an appointment with your chiropractor. If this is done a few days before you depart, the chiropractor can make adjustments to ensure an enjoyable trip. Make sure to pack lightly. Lighter bags are more convenient and easier to lift. Keep your wallet in your bag instead of in your back pocket. This allows you to sit straight instead of tilting your pelvis and triggering pain.

Traveling by Plane

When you check in for your flight, try to get an aisle seat. You will be able to stand up and move around a lot easier than if you were in the middle or window seat. Stretch in regular intervals during your flight. Stretching your back, legs and arms helps circulation. This can make a world of difference over long periods of travel time.

Your vacation can benefit from chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care can help you enjoy your vacation.

Train Travel

Getting an aisle seat on trains is the same as with air travel. It allows you to stand up and walk around to stretch. Packing lightly is beneficial in the event you have to use overhead shelves for your luggage. If possible, stow your luggage under your seat. Avoid using a laptop or tablet on the table they provide. It causes you to cradle your back and neck, and adds spine pressure. This pressure contributes to pain.

Bus Travel

It is not as easy to get up and move around on a bus as it is with train or air travel. Buses make periodic food and rest stops, and that should be your time to get out and walk around. Since the stops aren’t frequent, back pain and leg pain can easily set in. Bring support pillows for your back or a rolled up towel.

If you plan to do holiday traveling soon and need chiropractic adjustments, please contact us for an appointment. We are back pain experts, and will gladly provide you with counsel or the appropriate treatment.