The Shoes You Wear May Be Contributing to Your Back Pain

Your back and leg pain may be caused by your shoes.

The shoes you choose can contribute to back and leg pain.

It’s common to hear of back pain being caused by an injury or intense exercise routine, but there are other lesser known factors that may be contributing to your pain as well. For instance, the type of shoes you wear could be the source of your pain, creating issues that cause you to seek chiropractic care such as spinal decompression in Westchester, NY. To keep back pain at bay, avoid the following footwear and opt for these better choices instead.

Correct your pain with spinal decompression.

Spinal decompression can reverse the effects of poor footwear.

Pain-Causing Footwear

You may be surprised to know most popular shoe styles are not the best for your muscles and joints. They can change how you walk, stand and run – and not for the better. Here are some of the worst footwear choices you could make when it comes to preventing back pain:

High Heels – While women may realize the effects wearing high heels has on your body, many men aren’t aware cowboy boots and dress shoes often have the same impact on their muscles and joints as well. Heels cause you to walk with bent knees and an arched back, forcing your body to work harder than usual to keep you balanced. This added stress puts a strain on your spine and back.

Flats – Though they may seem like a better option than high heels, flats offer little support for your feet and cause pressure as you walk. This impact pressure builds over time, leaving your hips, legs and lower back with the majority of the pain.

Flip-Flops – Much like flats, flip-flops provide almost no support as you walk. In addition, to keep the shoes from falling off, people have the tendency to scrunch their toes in order to grip the sole. This results in overcompensation as you walk since you are using less of your foot for movement, fatiguing your lower body and back.

Toning Shoes – While they may seem good for your health, the new trend of toning footwear may actually cause back pain. The curved bottoms of toning shoes “work” your legs by adding instability to your walk, which in turn puts more stress on your muscles and joints. The thick sole also prevents your foot from flexing naturally, creating more impact with every step and leading to back pain.

High heels are known to cause back pain.

Choose the right footwear to prevent back pain.

Best Footwear for Back Pain

To avoid back pain, skip the stylish options and invest in supportive shoes that cushion your feet. This doesn’t mean you have to always wear sneakers or running shoes, though both are good options. Many styles of footwear now provide the comfort that keeps your feet and spine in healthy shape. Look for a low heel, contoured insole and shoes that don’t pinch when shopping for pain-free footwear and your back will thank you.

If you’re looking for spinal decompression in Westchester, NY to help eliminate your back or leg pain, contact us. At Spine Care, we offer the treatment options you need to get rid of your pain once and for all.