The Causes of Your Back Pain Can Be Revealed By Your Gait

Did you know how you walk could contribute to back pain?

Did you know the way you walk says a lot about you? Many feel you can gain insight about someone’s personality based on their gait. However, the way you walk affects more than just how people perceive you; it could also be the cause of your back pain in Westchester County. Discovering the correlation between gait and back pain can help you decide if Scarsdale chiropractic is necessary.

Your Foot Health

Fix your gait with chiropractic care.

One of the elements that affects the way you walk is the health of your feet. If you suffer from back pain, it may be time to look at whether you have a foot condition. Issues like ankle instability, flat arches, excessive pronation and more can cause you to walk in a way that causes back pain. In these situations, Scarsdale chiropractic care won’t be enough to resolve your pain. You will need to see your doctor to get relief from your foot-related condition. Once this issue is resolved, you will be able to adjust your gait to eliminate back pain.

A Gait Evaluation

Once any foot issues are resolved, your chiropractor will evaluate your gait to find out the exact cause of your back pain in Westchester County. During this evaluation, the chiropractor will watch the way you walk from a number of angles to identify the biomechanics. They will then be able to recommend exercises and other treatments that can help you alter the way you walk to eliminate your back pain. These exercises will strengthen muscles and ensure you can walk as much as you need without pain.

Most people don’t realize their back pain could actually be caused by the way they walk. When people walk in a way that produces more pressure in the spine, they will often experience pain with no other cause. Seeking chiropractic care will help you learn how to walk more effectively so you can eliminate your pain and enjoy a better quality of life.

If you’re experiencing back pain in Scarsdale and the surrounding areas, contact us. We can perform a gait analysis and recommend the right treatment plan to eliminate your pain.