Is Your Sedentary Lifestyle Hurting Your Back?

Spinal decompression can reverse back pain.

Living a sedentary lifestyle leads to more back pain.

With the increase in the use of technology, people have moved to a more sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in lower back pain and leg pain. As a result, more individuals are going to their chiropractors for procedures to manage their pain, such as spinal decompression therapy.

More Sitting, Less Moving

An increasing number of jobs require individuals to spend a lot of their time sitting at a desk. Unless you have a physically-demanding job, spending eight hours a day, five days a week at your desk could contribute to your back pain. In addition, more people are spending their leisure time at home, watching television, checking their phones or browsing the Internet. This relatively sedentary lifestyle has caused an increase in back pain, particularly in the younger population.

Reduced activity can lead to back pain.

Back pain can be the result of less activity.

A Vast Impact

The back pain individuals now suffer from is having a vast impact on the way people live. It creates an endless cycle. A sedentary lifestyle can cause back or leg pain, which makes it more difficult to get active. Younger people avoid seeing a doctor for pain, often taking over-the-counter medications when needed. A visit to a chiropractor for spinal decompression therapy may be necessary to alleviate lower back pain. Understanding this impact on the quality of life, especially over the long term, can encourage individuals to seek help.

Avoid long-term problems with spinal decompression..

Leaving back and leg pain untreated can cause long-term problems.

Future Concerns

Sometimes back and leg pain can be so severe it affects someone’s ability to work. When this happens, it causes them to file for disability, rather than working, especially as they get older and the condition worsens. Because more young people are developing this chronic pain, it has become a real concern for employers. Today, back pain is one of the primary reasons people file for disability; however, it is also one of the most preventable.

Today’s society leads a much more sedentary lifestyle than past generations. This has led to an increase in complaints of back and leg pain, often negatively affecting their ability to participate in physical activities or even work a physical job. When individuals take the right steps, such as seeing a chiropractor for spinal decompression or other treatments, they can prevent these issues and enjoy a better quality of life.

If you need help overcoming back or leg pain so you can get moving again, contact us. We offer the right treatments to manage your pain.