In recent years, more Americans have become aware that one of the keys to successful performance in life is getting proper rest. In 2013, U.S. mattress producers sold 36 million new mattresses, many of them equipped with special features such as memory foam, adjustable firmness settings that can be user-controlled for each side of the bed, and increased coil support. It is only a matter of time before mattress settings are fully integrated into a dedicated Smartphone app that will compare your sleeping performance with coil tension, temperature, ambient humidity and other factors that can be tweaked and optimized. Buying a mattress is rapidly becoming as complicated as shopping for a new car, which makes sense given that most people spend more time in bed than in a car.

Upgrading your mattress can indeed make a tremendous positive impact on your quality of life, but what good is the Rolls Royce of bedding if you or your spouse still wake up with unbearable migraine headaches or severe neck pain? The good news is that there is now a fix for that, too. Pillowise® is a pillow fitting system that can help you avoid headaches and neck pain, and can prevent the upper cervical injuries and insomnia that are the bane of many conventional pillow users. Thousands upon thousands of chiropractors and physical therapists in Europe recommend this system to their patients. The one minute or so that Dr. Caruso or his staff spends measuring your neck and facial contours may add countless hours of restful sleep to your nights, and years of pain-free well-being in bed and out of bed.

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The measuring system involves only three measurements. Once these numbers, together with any other specifications recommended by the doctor, are plugged into the Pillowise® algorithm, the software generates your perfect pillow size. Once you are properly fitted, we place the order directly and the pillow arrives from Europe within a few days. You have a 30-day trial period (“comfort guarantee”), during which you can return the pillow for refund or replacement, no questions asked.The pillow comes with a five-year warranty.

The pillow is made of top-grade pressure- sensitive memory foam with a Premium Tencel® moisture-regulating cover that keeps you cool and comfortable all night.

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