Naomi Digital X-Ray

Not so long ago, getting a neck or back x-ray was a major hassle that involved a trip to the hospital or radiology center, a relatively high dose of x-rays, and then a days-long wait for images, which you would then bring to the doctor at your next appointment. Those days-long waits for x-ray images are gone. The Naomi Digital X-Ray system, which Dr. Caruso uses for diagnostic purposes, is a quick and easy process that involves nothing more than a quick trip to the x-ray room for image capture. By the time you get your shirt back on, the images needed to diagnose your condition are available on the doctor’s computer.

The image quality is sharp and clear. Window leveling features allow complete control of image display. The doctor can easily review Jackson’s and Cobb’s angles; simulate George’s line; find the midline and center point; utilize stitching, cropping and magnification tools! Software manipulations allow for rotation, annotation and measurement of images with simple tools.

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Because these images are accessed and processed by sophisticated digital diagnostic software, Dr. Caruso is able to view the area under examination, which can then be shown to the patient in order to explain exactly what needs to be done to treat the condition.

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