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If you watch post-game interviews after a Yankee or Mets victory, you will notice that both the starting pitchers and the relievers have their shoulders wrapped up in thick layers of gauze.Catchers have their knees wrapped; position players often have wrapped wrists or ankles. Tennis players, elite runners and many other professional athletes would have a hard time playing through their aches and pains without this simple expedient.

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More and more, these thick wraps are being replaced or augmented with a lightweight, durable, and highly effective material called kinesiological tape, which is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries. Kinesio tape creates neuromuscular feedback (called proprioception) that inhibits (relaxes) or facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons. This feedback creates support elements without the bulk and restriction commonly associated with wraps and heavy bracing.

Shoulder pain is one of the top reasons why people seek out a chiropractor. Estimates of the number of people who suffer acute or chronic shoulder pain at some point during their lifetimes range as high as 40%. Shoulder impairment syndrome (SIS) affects millions of people young and old.

The shoulder is a complex network of joints, tendons, nerves and muscle tissue that allows for a tremendous range of motion when all is working right. When things go wrong, whether because of over-exertion, tendonitis, dislocation or pinched nerves, even something as simple as trying to fall asleep can be one long agony. Kinesiological shoulder taping is designed to provide support for shoulder muscles, treat rotator cuff injuries and relieve shoulder pain.

Kinesio tape is lightweight, comfortable, flexible and water-resistant. Whether your complaint is shoulder pain, lower back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow, the simple expedient of taping up the area can often restore normal motion and relieve pain for 24 hours a day, meaning that you can face an active day with full confidence. Kinesiological taping is a handy and often highly-effective non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical method for dealing with pain that can otherwise be debilitating or even incapacitating.

The best way to learn about whether kinesiological taping would relieve or prevent your pain and how to use it properly is to visit Dr. Caruso for an evaluation of your condition. Even if taping is not the optimal treatment in your particular case, Dr. Caruso has access to a wide range of other medical devices and methodologies to treat even very difficult cases in-office.

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