K-Laser USA is relentlessly focused on developing the most advanced therapeutic lasers that provide a non-surgical solution for medical providers to treat pain, reduce inflammation and aid healing.  Our product development is guided by physicians to ensure we deliver the most effective, powerful, durable and easy to use laser technology.

The new Platinum Series™ Class IV therapy lasers by K-Laser USA are the world’s first smart lasers. See for yourself how they deliver expert clinical treatments, an unparalleled user experience and innovative practice success tools.

Platinum 4

The Platinum 4 delivers the optimal mix of power, wavelengths, pulsing and expert protocols to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.

24 Watts: More power, shorter treatments, faster results!

4 Wavelengths: Provides the broadest array of tissue stimulation and penetration (650nm, 810nm, 915nm and 980nm)

Streamlined Treatment Protocols: Designed and tested by Doctors for Doctors

Pulsing: 1 to 20,000 Hz pulsing range & super pulsing (ISP)

5 Hand Piece Tips: Maximum treatment versatility with our 50 mm broad beam (standard & contact lens), 25 mm zoom (standard & contact lens) & ENT tips

Homogeneous Beam Profile: Delivers the most consistent and safest application

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Dr. Caruso has dedicated his life to helping patients overcome spinal and neurological problems. He has been an early adapter of the most innovative technological solutions, which hugely expand the range of effective treatments he is able to offer his Westchester patients.

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