Importance of Strength Training as You Age

Reduce the risk of back and leg pain with proper exercise.

Exercise is important to prevent back and leg pain.

As you get older, it’s natural for your body to slow down and for your muscles and bones to weaken. These natural aging processes can lead to more back pain and leg pain you didn’t previously experience in your life; however, this doesn’t mean you have to sit back and allow these changes to happen. With the help of strength training and the guidance of a chiropractor, you can get the assistance you need to stay stronger and healthier as you age.

Your chiropractor can help you find the right exercises.

Talk to your chiropractor about appropriate exercises.

Use It or Lose It

You’ve likely heard this phrase before. What most people don’t realize is it holds true when it comes to your muscles and aging. The reason most aging individuals experienced weakened muscles, along with back pain and leg pain, is because they are no longer as active as they once were. For this reason, it’s important to stay active for as long as possible. Seeing a chiropractor can be a step in the right direction.

You don't have to suffer from back pain as you age.

As you get older, exercise can help you avoid back pain.

Help with a Number of Aging Ailments

As you age, you may experience a number of health problems that make staying active difficult; however, exercise is even more important for these individuals. For instance, those who suffer from cardiac issues may think exercise isn’t a good choice based on their condition. The truth is these individuals can often benefit the most from regular exercise. Talking to your doctor or a chiropractor can help you decide. In addition to helping those with heart disease, strength training can also help with other issues, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Blood glucose control
  • Arthritis

Strength training doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get the results you are looking for; however, if you are looking for ways to eliminate your back pain and leg pain, as well as ensure your muscles stay health for longer, seeing a chiropractor can provide the exercises you need to stay active and provide all the benefits exercise can offer. Depending on the medical conditions you experience, the type and amount of exercise your body can tolerate will vary.

If you are ready to start strength training to maintain your muscle mass, contact us. Our Scarsdale chiropractors can provide the exercises you need to stay active.