How to Care for Yourself After Beginning Chiropractic Treatments

Find out how to lift with the help of your chiropractor.

Chiropractic treatments are designed to realign and retrain the spine so it maintains a proper position. There are basic goals for beginning treatments with a Scarsdale chiropractor, such as properly aligning the spine, which allows the body to heal naturally and remedies problems you may experience. Read on to learn the best strategies to help you get the most out of your treatments so they are effective over the long term.

Waiting for Your Next Treatment

Once you have seen a chiropractor for a spinal decompression treatment, you might notice some soreness. It is important to not rub, poke or probe the area adjusted by the doctor. You may want to ice the immediate area if you experience any discomfort but for no longer than 20 minutes once every two hours. Avoid using a heating pad altogether. If you have discomfort continuing into the next day, contact your chiropractor for a follow-up. Do not stoop sharply or bend at the waist quickly to pick things up. Instead, keep your back and spine straight while bending at the knees so they bear the strain.

What About Exercising?

As the spine continues to improve and change, strengths and weaknesses may be more noticeable. Exercises that place stress on the neck or spine should be avoided, but you may be able to do some exercises to strengthen your body without straining the spine or neck.

Many of our daily activities like computer use, driving or reading can put the neck into a harmful position. Several times a day, get up and move around to stretch the cervical spine. When stretching, don’t twist or move suddenly beyond your normal motions. Just stretch as far as your natural range of motion allows you to go.

Sleeping and Resting

Getting adequate sleep will allow your body to repair itself and recuperate. You should sleep on a mattress that is firm, but not too hard. You should lie so your body is level. If you sleep on one side, make sure the spine is straight. Use a pillow to support your head in a way that keeps your neck vertebrae level with the rest of the spine. It is better to not sleep on your stomach since it forces your body into a cervical spine rotation.

If you are ready to feel better by beginning spinal treatments, we are a chiropractor serving Scarsdale, NY, and the surrounding areas. Contact us with any questions.