Everyday Tips for Protecting and Preventing Lower Back Pain

Sciatic pain treatment may consist of exercise.

Exercise is a great sciatic pain treatment.

When you think about it, the spinal cord is truly amazing. It is strong enough to keep us upright, yet it is also incredibly flexible, allowing us to twist, lift, stretch and bend. Just as we take the act of breathing for granted until suddenly we find it difficult, most people don’t think much about their spines until they feel pain. The spine, especially the lower back region, is prone to injury if it’s not treated properly. We’re a chiropractor in Westchester County, NY, and we’d like to share the following tips to protect your back and prevent pain.

Cultivate a Strong Core

The stronger your core muscles are, the more protected your lower back will be. Exercise boosts blood flow that is needed to nourish the spinal discs, but keep in mind not all exercise is back-healthy. If your sport of choice is golf, running or power lifting, do research into how your sport affects your back and make modifications if needed. If you’re already noticing back problems, look into holistic sciatic pain treatment as a natural way to get relief.

Lift Smartly

Whether you are lifting weights in the gym or heavy objects at home or work, practice proper form to avoid back injury. The worst thing you can do is bend from the waist when hoisting something heavy. Proper form is to bend the knees, keep the spine straight, squat, then unbend the knees and set the object down.

Move Around Often

If you have a typical desk job, it’s easy to lose track of time and realize you have been sitting in your chair for hours straight. That’s not good for your back. Even if you must set a reminder on your phone, stand up and move every half hour or so. Movement does a back good!

Sleep Well

Most people spend around one third of their lives lying in bed. Make sure your mattress is firm enough to adequately support your spine and keep it in alignment as you rest. Habits can be difficult to break, but if you sleep on your stomach, try to retrain your brain. Stomach sleeping stresses the spine. Side or back sleeping are best for your spine.

Perfect Your Posture

The worst thing you can do for your spine is slouch, strain and hunch. Be mindful of keeping an upright and aligned stance at work and at play.

If you’ve been neglecting your back and suffer from back pain in Westchester, we can help reverse the damage. Contact us and we’ll get you and your spine back on track!